Sistemi Galleggianti
water polo goals in a workmanlike manner

This gate is fantastic! I play water polo since 1980. And I participated more than 10 years in Official International Competitions (Olympic Games, World and Europe Championships). I have been in more than 20 countries of the world. And I have never seen the gate such a good quality.

Dimitri Apanasenko

Bronze medallist of Olympic Games 1988, 1992

Our products

Water polo goal/ model “competition”

One goal, ten good reasons for preferring it to everyone else

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Water polo goal/ model “standard”

Stable, light and economic. For smaller pool

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Beach water polo/ the “littler” water polo

The Beach Waterpolo eliminates timing

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Haba Waba Aquagol

A 20 years older idea

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double water polo goal post

Optimize spaces

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Collapsible water polo goal post

Little space available?
we thought it too

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Water polo goal for private pool

Water polo, friends and funny time at your home

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Canoe Polo goal/ patented

A patent born from a continous research

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Floating Racing lines

For delimiting every race camp

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Floating finish line

3 x 1,50 metri luce interna, peso 10 kg

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Floating Advertising boards

Ad hoc sponsor space

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Floating center pool ball little basket

Customized, for sponsor visibility

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Detachable drafter for fixing racing lines

For pools that have got the problem of fixing racing lines

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Consulting & services about projects and realizations

Artisan knowledge with a bit of neapolitan genius

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Red cone for demarcating the offside area in Water Polo matches

Buoyant and weighted, it always maintains a perfectly vertical position

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