Sistemi Galleggianti/ The Beach Waterpolo goal

Porta da Beach Waterpolo

Asian Beach Games, Muscat, Oman, 2010

The Beach Waterpolo goal

Beach Waterpolo is, in fact, a “small” water polo with simplified rules and smaller playing field sizes (15 x 11.50 mt) that eliminates timing and introduces the concept of “set” game.
The goal dimensions are 2,50 X 0,80 metres.

In step with The Times

A smaller playing field wants smaller goals. Sistemi Galleggianti has accompanied the Beach Waterpolo since its inception. We were born leaders in the supply of floating sports equipment.

Notes on the quality of the profiles


The profiles used by Sistemi Galleggianti, made by Metra Spa, are among the best available on the market, as attesting the following certifications. .

  • All the profiles are painted according to the qualitative process QUALICOAT and have the SEASIDE treatment (treatment for the marine environments made in line)
  • The profiles painted with AL3000 (red) also have   have the powder in Class 2 to reduce the color loss

A bit of History


The first Italian Championship of Beach Waterpolo (male and female) was launched in 1995 and was attended by a hundred of well-established Italian and foreign athletes, as well as the adherence of numerous sports companies, technicians, referees, As well as various municipal administrations that hosted the events.
The third championship in 1998 became the “Mediterranean Cup” and involved four nations Italy, France, Malta and Monte Negro with international teams Italy, Hungary, Russia and France.
In line with the rapid evolution of Beach Waterpolo also the equipment used was subjected to a rapid development and in particular the goals, which, in this case, have a specific dimension of  2.50 x 0.80 m.t. inside goalposts and crossbar.

Features - Beach Waterpolo goal

  • goal realized according to Pallanuoto Sempre
  • size inside the goal mirror 2500 X 800 mm
  • overall dimensions 2850 X 875 X 1250 mm
  • aluminum tubular goal mirror 75 X 40 X 1,85 mm. white color
  • aluminum tubular floating base 80 X 40 X 3 mm. Red color
  • AISI 316 stainless steel accessorie
  • 350% density closed cell foam floats
  • Weight 27 Kg.

Datasheets information


For further information and details about, you can visit the following link:
Sistemi Galleggianti The art of playing Water Polo

"Vittorio Ercolano had very original idea, typical of the so-called Neapolitan Genius: that is to self-build the Water Polo goals. He invented, almost for fun, removable Water Polo goals"

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