Sistemi Galleggianti/ Canoe polo goal

Efficiency and elegance

Constant research has enabled us to develop a patent for this goal model: We have eliminated the counterweight and developed a system that uses water to stabilize the structure by reducing pitch to a minimum.

Newly born, it is already big.

Daughter of innovative solutions, the Canoa Polo goal by Sistemi Galleggianti makes itself loved for its ease of use, high performance and unparalleled durability.


  • absence of counterweights
  • beakery reduced to a minimum and therefore no need to be tied
  • uses water to get stability and structure
  • lasts over time
  • front opening of mt. 3.10 for a large space for maneuvering the canoes under the goal mirror
  • The structure weighs about 42 Kg

Notes on the quality of the profiles


The profiles used by Sistemi Galleggianti, made by Metra Spa, are among the best available on the market, as attesting the following certifications. .

  • All the profiles are painted according to the qualitative process QUALICOAT and have the SEASIDE treatment (treatment for the marine environments made in line)
  • The profiles painted with AL3000 (red) also have   have the powder in Class 2 to reduce the color loss

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