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They say about us


"The idea came from Vittorio Ercolano, "extra man" of Pallanuoto Sempre, and a clear example of Neapolitan genius: we build them ourselves. And so, almost for fun, he invented the removable goal post"

Sistemi Galleggianti, or the art of making water polo play

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"Certainly the best-constructed and lightest goals I’ve ever seen. They are the team favorites and already have proven their durability with the season of repeated use. My goalies like their balance, and my field players like the construction. I couldn’t be more impressed with the product”

Jim Flocerniger

Water Polo coach of Harvard University Boston

“Last year was the first season that our championship started using your Waterpolo goals. This year, at our second season the goal posts are still as good as new. The goal posts are very usable also because they are light and easy to mount and dismount. During the championship, all the teams have told us that your goal posts are number 1 in Hungary!"

Tamas Ambrus e Zsolt Petováry

Water polo hungarian coachs

“This gate is fantastic! I play water polo since 1980. And I participated more than 10 years in Official International Competitions (Olympic Games, World and Europe Championships). I have been in more than 20 countries of the world. And I have never seen the gate such a good quality.”

Dimitri Apanasenko

Bronze medallist of Olympic Games 1988, 1992

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