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Sistemi Galleggianti produces goals for water polo, canoe polo, delimitation lanes for playing fields, advertising boards, and various accessories for the game of water polo, also for swimming pools of particular size or characteristics. Equipment that perfectly meets both the needs of professionals and simple water sports enthusiasts. 

The Sistemi Galleggianti production line was born in 1998 to accompany the activities of the “Pallanuoto Sempre” association born from an idea of G. Parisio and P. De Crescenzo to develop water polo. 

An association supported by the best Italian athletes of all time: Pizzo, Ghibellini, De Magistris, Parisio, D’Angelo, De Crescenzo, Mannelli, Porzio, Ferretti, Gandolfi, D’Altrui, Campagna and many others, and which has made play the best athletes from around the world.

One of the objectives of the Association was to contribute to the creation of the Beach Waterpolo, and to relaunch water polo at sea and, for this, goals of different sizes were needed from the classic 3m. easy to use.

The first structures were created thanks to a project by professor Ignazio Crivelli of the Engineering Faculty of the Federico II University of Naples, who conceived the first fiberglass prototypes, with innovative concepts of weight and design.

Since 1998 Vittorio Ercolano, former organizer of the Beach Waterpolo, has designed and produced the new goal post with unique characteristics that have always been renewed over time. After the first tests, positive judgments followed, supported by the verification of the greater usability and convenience compared to all the competitors.

Today Vittorio offers particularly flexible, light, stable, robust and innovative aluminum structures like the philosophy that inspires the activity Sistemi Galleggianti: to create a goal post that best performs its function in every respect, at an absolutely competitive price. The price/quality ratio is unmatched, Sistemi Galleggianti goals post are the best product offered on the national and international market.

To date In all these years there are no longer numerous specimens sent all over the world: from Hungary, to Berkeley University, to China, to Oman, to Russia… We have not stood still since 1998: ours is a work in progress, the Goal post we produce have been remodeled with continuous improvements, to guarantee high-level performance, at all latitudes and for every need.

Sistemi Galleggianti uses profiles designed and manufactured independently and produced by Metra Spa, with top quality materials, which in many plants have exceeded twenty years of life.
A result resulting from certified work processes such as QUALICOAT and the SEASIDE treatment (treatment for marine environments done online). Furthermore, the profiles painted with AL3000 (red) have class 2 powder to reduce color loss.


Our water polo goals

  1. Design
    The structure, essential and technically complete, is at the same time elegant and in total harmony with any competition field: from amateur ones to fields for high-level competitive competitions

  3. Lightness.
    Moving them has never been easier. A 5 mm PVC sole is applied to the EVA floats, made of closed cell expanded foam. which has the function of a slide: by slightly lifting the goals post on one side, it slides easily into the water – a maneuver that is also accessible to a boy..

  5. Safety:
    all superfluous protrusions such as pins, nuts, etc. have been eliminated..

  7. Visibility:
    the red base is easy to identify for the players.

  9. Compactness:the introduction of a transverse tube, anchored to the 2 net holders. makes the goals post more compact and solid in the joints so as to unload the workloads on the entire surface in continuous movements.

  11. Performance:
    The extension of the base of contact with the water to 25 cm in width and the increase in length to 1.25 improve the tipping resistance and stability

  13. Durability:
    the fixing of the plug-in netting holders directly inside the structure and the relative fixing with transverse pins, 8 MA countersunk screw, determine a compactness and a unique seal by extending the life time of the water polo goal.

  15. Buoyancy:
    An additional band of expanded foam inserted on the floating base increases the buoyancy reserve, bringing the water polo goal immediately back to the optimal position if needed.

  17. Usability:
    The water polo goals are shipped partially assembled. Assembling them is easy and intuitive, as shown on the pages of our site.

  19. Economy:
    This kind of system as conceived, the minimization of dimensions and the choice of couriers, allow us to apply really affordable shipping rates.

They say about us

"Certainly the best-constructed and lightest goals I’ve ever seen. They are the team favorites and already have proven their durability with the season of repeated use. My goalies like their balance, and my field players like the construction. I couldn’t be more impressed with the product”

Jim Flocerniger

Water Polo coach of Harvard University Boston

“Last year was the first season that our championship started using your Waterpolo goals. This year, at our second season the goal posts are still as good as new. The goal posts are very usable also because they are light and easy to mount and dismount. During the championship, all the teams have told us that your goal posts are number 1 in Hungary!"

Tamas Ambrus e Zsolt Petováry

Hungarian water polo coaches

“This gate is fantastic! I play water polo since 1980. And I participated more than 10 years in Official International Competitions (Olympic Games, World and Europe Championships). I have been in more than 20 countries of the world. And I have never seen the gate such a good quality.”

Dimitri Apanasenko

Bronze medallist of Olympic Games 1988, 1992

Here are our sponsor:

  • Italian Beach Water Polo Championship
  • European Beach Water Polo Championship
  • Italian Championship of Beach Polo

  • 4th FINA World junior Woman’s Water Polo Championship. Perth, AU.


  • Warranty Replacement parts over 10 years

    We will follow you in time without ever leaving you alone, with a service of assistance and maintenance among the best in the industry. Replacement or repair of parts guaranteed even after 10 years!


    “Ad hoc” Achievements
    We Perform Special and tailor-made work. We support you in the realization of your ideas from the design to the finished product.


    The goal is shipped partially assembled. The installation must be completed on site.