Sistemi Galleggianti/ Racing line, Advertising boards and other accessories

Racing line

Sistemi Galleggianti creates racing lanes for Water Polo, Beach Waterpolo, Water Goal and any other activity that requires to be delimited with self Floating lanes.

The lanes are made with 13 cm diameter floats (white, red, green and yellow), filled with closed cell foam.

The floats are mounted on 3 mm stainless steel AISI 316 cable, covered with PVC, final diameter 6 mm.

The lanes are supplied complete with terminals, hook and spring sleeves cable, AISI 316 stainless steel cable (marine grade).

Advertising boards

We also provide excellent answers to those who have promotional needs in the water or in the pool. Our billboards are stable and with an elegant design.

Floating finish line

LThe structure measures 3000 x 1500 meters inside, weighs 10 kg. and is made of aluminum and stainless steel. The floats are of closed cell foam.

Ball basket in the center for customizable water polo: the sponsor in the center pool

Our world water polo attention gave birth to another absolute innovation. Center Ball basket, ideal for sponsor’ needs. An accessory never seen before!


Detachable drafter for racing line fixing

Nelle piscine che non hanno la predisposizione per il fissaggio delle linee, agganciare le corsie di fondo è un bel dilemma.
Sistemi Galleggianti ha risolto questo problema ideando un accessorio a espansione: un estensore rimovibile che consente di fissare le corsie nel pozzetto di scarico a bordo vasca.

Red cone for demarcating the offside area in Water Polo matches

The cone clearly marks the offside zone beyond the end line of the field. Buoyant and weighted, it always remains in a perfectly vertical position. Dimensions 33 x 13 x 13 cm

Notes on the quality of the profiles


I profilati usati da Sistemi Galleggianti, realizzati dalla Metra Spa, sono  tra i migliori disponibili sul mercato, come attestano le seguenti certificazioni.

  • tutti i profili vengono verniciati secondo il processo qualitativo QUALICOAT e hanno il trattamento SEASIDE (trattamento per gli ambienti marini fatto in linea).
  • i profili verniciati con AL3000 (rosso) hanno inoltre  la polvere in classe 2 per ridurre la perdita di colore

Other products

Canoe Polo goal

Efficient and elegant


Beach Waterpolo goal

Have fun with your friends


Waterpolo goal

Competition or Standard